Good Neighbors

Nearly a decade ago, my wife Abbey and I chose to raise our family in Middleton. We were lucky enough to be able to purchase our first home and raise our two children, Aidan and Ted, in a community we love.

So many young families are also moving to Middleton. I believe that we can welcome new neighbors. I believe we can make sure every family has the chance to enjoy the Good Neighbor City, which is why I chose to serve on Middleton’s Workforce Housing Committee.

As your alderman, I advocate for:

  • affordable housing,
  • smart growth that reduces traffic,
  • safe driving speeds on our neighborhood streets, and
  • city parks that benefit every family.

Good Schools

Abbey and I are proud to send our children to Middleton’s incredible public schools. I believe we can and should invest in our children’s futures. That’s why I helped lead an initiative to fund a new public elementary school, to make improvements to a public high school in need of repairs, and to support other public-school projects.

As your alderman, I prioritize investing in our public schools so that every Middleton student has the opportunity to succeed.

As your alderman, I advocate for:

  • investments in public school safety officers,
  • sustainable funding models,
  • access to high-quality education for every Middleton child regardless of different abilities, medical or mental health needs, race, religion, identity, or income.

Good Government

I believe that government should work for the people. As your alderman, I am not only available to you, I advocate for the issues that matter most to you.

As your alderman, I will:

  • take an active role in responding to crises in our community, such as the summer 2018 floods,
  • consistently share information with you about issues in our district and the business of the Common Council,
  • be transparent in why I choose to vote for or against an issue before the Council, and
  • always be available to you.

Have an idea or concern about what’s happening in District 5? I want to hear from you.