Scott Walker and the politics of decency

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, Gov. Scott Walker lost the race for governor to Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers. But it took eight days for Walker to publicly acknowledge his defeat. The reason for the prolonged silence? “Decency … the decent thing to do is to let...

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Ramp up commitment to civic education

“What year was the United States Constitution written,” I asked. “Was it 1902, 1787, 1802, or 1998?” Mike, the student to whom I posed this question, rolled his eyes at my query as if to say: “You’re kidding, right?” This was, I knew, one of the questions posed on the...

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40 Under 40: The 2014 Class

Holding dual master’s degrees from Harvard, Luke Fuszard is a board member of the Harvard Business School Social Enterprise Alumni Association. He’s also a member of the Internal Economic Development Council and Middleton’s Community Development Authority, and is the...

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